CPI is an engineering firm that specialize in wireless audio for broadcast, production and live events.

  • Provides radio frequency coordination and system configuration of wireless audio systems for live entertainment and broadcast. Events include concerts, Broadway shows and theater tours, sporting events, trade shows, corporate meetings, political rallies, debates and other government functions.

  • Consults on RF spectrum issues in the United States & its territories.

  • Researches, educates and recommends solutions to address TV band re-allocations.

  • Lobbies on behalf of the professional production industry.

  • Files commentary to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on matters that impact wireless mic operators.

  • Provides press with explanation and remarks.

  • Counsels engineers who stage major live sports and entertainment events, such as NFL, NBA games, the GRAMMY and CMT Awards, Broadway productions, and national music tours.

CPI is the liaison to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for Sennheiser USA.